Scavenger Hunt Contest..!



I think Ihasfluffycupcakes counts as a glorified hopscotcher, right?




Ok @Giraffedolphin26 PRIZE DELIVERED!


Here is the the first project in your likes


@PopTart0219 I'm already following you though XP



Err I'll just have 10-15 likes. Do you mind if you like my Togekiss Pixel Art? Just search it please


Sure :wink:


First project in likes for @CreativeCoder:

And link:


For the featured in newest. It's a remix I hope that counts


Ok I'm going to delete that so no one cheats. Delete that post also


@PopTart0219 Eh not really but I'll give you a shoutout anyway bc why not


Ok yes I attempted to do the 3rd one. @Follow4LikesOfficial how many project so you like in a day. I thought that I should be in the 9 weeks ago section when I was in the 5 days ago section. I crashed.


I crashed when I got to 2 weeks


At least Ceartive Coders list isn't as bad.

I think tha answer is that you can't find the first project you e ear liked I guess?


Can you make it a more...... Approachable date? Like 7 weeks?


For the F4LO quest. Oh and here is the bear one.


@PopTart0219 Fine. 8 weeks.

Is this shout out good? (the 'Shout out to PopTart0219' changes colors)

The legs and tail wouldn't turn light gray ._.

Publish it?

  • wat



Ok I found a remixed featured project.


Ok your best bet is to scroll all the way down. He likes random project. Really the Hopscotch could make a section call F4LO favorites. Really one day next year I am going to sit down and look at all of the projects he likes.


Mine done
Hope they all count