Scavenger Hunt - Can’t Publish or Load

I’m using a 6th generation iPad with iPadOS 13.4. This issue has been happening since January.

So this project I’m making, I made it for one of my parents birthdays. But as I was finishing it, I encountered a version of the white screen bug - except the screen goes black.

It’s been sitting on the shelf for a couple of months now, and I can’t even publish it. I did manage to get a screenshot of the UUID, though.

Please help with this, it’s my best project ever and my parent has never been able to play it.

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This is indeed very weird. I think you should email THT so they can take a look at the project.


I’m sorry about that, I truly hope it gets fixed soon.
The best thing to do is probably email THT, like William said, or just wait for a reply from Ana.


I did a while back - Ana said this was also weird and had no fix.

She did suggest making a topic though.

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Oooof, this is strange indeed

Hopefully this gets fixed soon!


@Ana is correct; from testing the UUID on my play page, something is majorly breaking the web player.

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To be more specific, the whole page freezes and I need to use Chrome’s task manager to close the tab.


Could you try to identify the problem?

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I have no idea on what it could possibly even be.

I am trying to see if there is anything weird with the code first.

It’s a Z Index problem. I think it is because you set a Z Index to -9, and that really messes with something. Let me just confirm that is the exact issue real quick

s.HSStageScene.dirtySort is causing the issue (I fixed by removing this) – I have no idea what it does but that caused something to go majorly wrong without throwing an error. (@AwesomeOnion)

In other words: Set Z Index -9 was not the problem.

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I figured I could also make a new version of the project using your preset thingy in your shortcut, but it got stuck and I couldn’t do it.

I could also retype every block of code into a new project, but I just don’t have the time and it’s inefficient.

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It’s not that; it’s something with the player. I’ll forward this to AwesomeOnion if there’s no reply to this thread by tomorrow.

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This is something I’ve never come across before. Ana said it might be a problem with collisions but they were just fixed.

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Nope, it’s the third Z Index block that runs.

Let me find exactly where that is real quick.


My tracer says that one of these two blocks are causing the issue.

Maybe it is the clone with size% 5000. See if doing any of these fixes it, and if any of them do, let me know which one:

  1. Reducing the clone’s size from 5000% and changing it to width 1124 height 868
  2. Adding one wait frame before the original object’s Set Z Index
  3. Removing the clone’s Set Z Index
  4. Removing the original’s Set Z Index

*Correction: my tracer says it is the clone setting Z Index to 100. Check that first but still try all of those if #1 does not work.

for the curious


You can fix it by making all set z index blocks to a range of 0–20, it worked for me when i did that


With @Shadow_Spider’s project?

Interesting. I never had the issue but I will try running that with that project.

Nope, that did not fix the issue.

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never mind,

This is the issue @Shadow_Spider, change it to 150 or something like that


Oh, yeah. That.

I am much better at using Z Index now, I never really go over 100. I’ll check it. Thanks for all the help!

Also, where did you get that tracer?

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I made it; it’s on my GitHub play page for player versions 1.2.x and 1.4.x.

Only thing is I tested which block froze it by manually throwing an error on the block that froze it, then I traced that to the object / rule.

Did changing that fix it @Shadow_Spider?

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