Scale of canvas on editor. How to rescale?


So I am notising projects with different sizes when you go in, and I am wondering if thats also possible on iphone or ipad only. Thanks.


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The scale depends on wether your on an iPhone/iPod or iPad (if you're on an iPad, then it also depends on wether you are coding in landscape or portrait mode), so it's only possible to chose between a different scale on an iPad.


The editor size of projects made on iPhones are different than that of iPads. Although it is possible to hack into the Hopscotch files and change the size to whatever you want :slight_smile:


Here is a link for a topic with links to helpful topics :stuck_out_tongue:


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@Yoshi4u, really I don't think any project is different other from the iPhone size and the IPad size.

Maybe some manipulation with code


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