SB 50 Forum Party!



@admins @moderators Could we have a forum party for SB50 tomorrow? :football::football::football:


What's SB50? Is that a robot or something?


Super Bowl 50th birthday I think


It's Super Bowl 50 omg


The super bowl is the BIGGEST football game of the year!
this year is Panthers, Broncos
SB50 stands for Super Bowl 50th year
i totally think we should have a forum party for it but its all up to @admins and @moderators


Now I feel like you're playing a joke on us :stuck_out_tongue:


No I seriously done know what the super bowl is. Ihasfluffycupcakes said its a big footbal game, but football games happen all the time. It's not like you're going to a Harry Potter book autographing and reading and getting a wand with Ms. JK Rowling herself!


-face palm-
So Super Bowl is NEVER talked about at your school?!


I knew it. Anyway, my family is not interested ever in sports,
It's either da news, or cartoons for us. None of us have watched a full episode of sports XD


DO THIS TOMORROW! Why are you doing this today?


Only the boys talk about it and my reading teacher mentioned it the other day, but I don't pay attention to sports.


What, the project?
I'm publishing it tomorrow lol


No, It's the biggest football event in the USA! not like other football games!


Plzplzplz tell me your joking


Yeah it is..........


I'm not watching it. I'd rather watch Kids React the whole night, or Disney Channel.


What is SB 50? And there already is a forum party in a few weeks :wink:.
But what is the game @Ihasfluffycupcakes?


How can I post something?


Also a boy a loooong time ago from our school played in the Super Bowl... Idk when tho


I'm kinda new so I don't know much