Saying Sorry Topic!



Instead of making a whole new topic, you can say sorry to people here!


I'm sorry to everyone for not being active on the fourm lately and I'm sorry to myself for using all of my cellular data today​:disappointed:


I'm sorry to my fans for not being bothered to code a complex trail art.


I'm sorry for too much Jacob spam...


You are forgiven.


I'm sorry for...
Something D:
Idk XD


Sorry for being an inactive no life being :/


I'm sorry for never keeping up with my projects!


I'm sorry for not publishing projects on HS enough. ;-;

I am also so sorry for ruining your surprise, @EnchantedAnimallover ;-;

I'm sorry @PixelMaster64 for K-pop. ;-;

I'm sorry to myself for procrastinating a lot. xD


You are forgiven but your projects are AMAZING! They are hippocampus worthy

Hippocampus: A half horse and half mermaid and also my FAVORITE thing other than YouTube and Hopscotch


No, they are wizard jumpyduckz barbecue shape beeg size hippocampus worthy!


Thanks so much! :D

I love making projects for you guys :D

I just procrastinate too much that's all XD


I'm sorry for this XD


@OnceUponATime I'm really sorry for getting mad at you the other day. I tend to overreact for stupid reasons. I'm really sorry.

@friendship2468 I'm so sorry for screaming at you about Jacob.


It's fine! I don't blame you. You were just defending urself. c:


I am sorry for...
Too many :D's!


Im sorry for too many XDs and for being Annoying.


It's okay, I getting used to other people not liking Jacob. It's happened in school before. Besides, I'd never get mad at you


@undertaletacoz I'm sorry for talking about Jacob too much


I understand.
You're obsessed with him and I'm obsessed with.... Well...
And I am the same way XD
it's fine!
Jacob isn't that bad!