Hey there, so I noticed in almost half the topics there's someone saying FIRST

This is what I consider spam.

It has nothing to do with the topic

And honestly it's not like you get a prize if you reply first.

Please stop this now.



Yes that is very annoying I mean they aren't doing anything productive. It is kinda annoying


No. It's fine if
The person says FIRST and they say something's helpful to the topic. :blush:


You should've said first, that would've been funny.


Ikr I know, right?


So true. Please, if you don't have anything to add to the conversation, don't purposefully try to get the first post. :)


It is a little annoying, but if I do it, I write first, and then say I'm reading the post (or I put it with a response if I happen to be first)

Just putting first is rude and ignoring the person's topic

Edit in the Mass Tag, it's a great topic


I agree with this completely ;D

Unless it's the case @DECODECO said ;)


Yeah I mean I wouldn't flag that but still it has no reason to be in there so why do it


Competitive spirits. People have them.


It does get really annoying. It's like when you get out in a game, and that annoying kid just points at you and yells "You're out!" in a nasal voice.


Actually, no; people aren't saying bad things about you, as you stated in that analogy, but they are boasting. 'Difference between that.


No, that's not the point. Whether or not they got me out, they should at least politely say that I am out.


I don't think that matters, tho
I say FIRST in a polite way when I get first XD


I don't care, really. Nor do I understand why other people care. I don't care even if a certain user go in my topic for the sake of spamming it. I am so insensitive.

Honestly, I don't get why the people here would make a big fuss about something that they can actually let pass. Unwinding would make your and other people's lives easier, amirite?