Say thanks to your hero in hopscotch



Hi there, this kinda like sorry for my last post, like I said I'm new here​:confounded: So I like to say thanks to all the hopscotchers


Welcome to the forum! And this topic is really cool! Amazing idea! :thumbsup:


You should tell your friends about this and who do you thank


I thank @SmileyAlyssa, @BubblegumCupcakeMix, @Cherrycupcake, and more!:smiley:. And one thing about telling friends: we don't have any friends on Hopscotch that we know about. :pensive: But we can tell other people!

Pro tip: Search before you create a topic to see if there's already a topic about it. Like there's one called "Who are your HS idols?", shown on my screen below.


Cool and I. Sorry man :cold_sweat:


Thanks for thanking me! It's always nice to see I got tagged for something!


Yeah I never got tagged don't rub it in