Say something you like about a Hopscotcher!


This is like one on @Anonymous chains! You say something you like about a Hopscotcher! Except the Hopscotcher you like has to start with the last letter of the last forumers name!
HuggingFluffyBear: I like Everyone in Hopscotch!
GeminiCode: I like eureka for being nice and having good projects!


I like ApolloTheCoder, he/she gave me a massive complement!


Rawrbear is an excellent coder and a generally nice Hopscotcher!



Thanks for the title, Kiwicute! Not going to give you another notification today, you got a lot of tags on this situation.


RubyStars is amazing at coding!


I like @tankt2016 because they're really nice and awesome!

Off topic

I may have just started a massive chain of @tankt2016 posts.

EDIT: @AHappyCoder beat me to it -__- :wink:


SmileyAlyssa is a great role model!

Also, the person you complement's name must begin with the same later as the last of the one above...

Lol, totally invisible here...


6 starts with an s!

I like @SmilingSnowflakes because she is always so cheerful and nice! You can't help but be happy around her!



Next me so I can have see it faster!

Thanks a lot!


S @smileyalyssa one of the top 10 nicest hopspctchers!


@alish is a great part of the Hopscotch Team!



(Srlsly tho I <3 u guys>


DragonQueen is awesome at drawing!


No one is not nice, everyone is nice!