Say Something Nice To The Hopscotcher Above!



Alright alright alright!
I wanted to make this for everyone who is having some rough times, because in every negative outcome there is always something good! So, say something kind to the hopscotcher above!

<3 Love Chain <3
Happiness - The forum needs it!
Nice Chain Game
Happiness - The forum needs it!
SpreadPositivity- Anonymous
Passing emojis :grinning: and likes :heart:

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@seawolfwerehorse Your sweet, funny, kind, a great hopscotcher, and a great friend.


You're awesome at drawing and you're an awesome person


I love your short comics u sometimes make


You are a really nice person and a help to the community!


You are such an amazing coder and you are so nice! :blush:


@BlueBubbles you are sooo creative and respectful! Your a hopscotcher that every one wants to be around.


You're so kind, and you don't let that hate bring you down!

and your art's awesome


@CreativeCoder You are very creative and I love the Undertale background!


You're honest and friendly, your art is noice, plus, your projects are great and creative.


@GysvANDRegulus your art is awesome and you're an awesome member of the Hopscotch community


@AvocadoDont Your sweet kind caring and amazing friend


A caring hopscotcher with talent in drawing who cares about people's feelings


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You are great and you should fight through the hard times!


You are amazing and a great friend!


I love this concept! It makes people feel amazing :slightly_smiling: Great idea!

@Snoopy, you are an amazing Hopscotcher, and I love to see your projects! You are also really juice to others!

Drawing on Paper compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) [Done fighting and retired]

Juice?? :joy::joy::joy: @PopTart0219


You are cool because you are juice to others.