Say something nice about someone you know on HS or on the forum!



is there a hopscotch who you think deserves attention?
Put it here!
I am going to say something about @DMF!
If you are reading this you are a really nice coder and are very talented!


@JJ4eva is a great hopscotcher too!


Thanks!!! :slight_smile:


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Amazing topic! I have so many people deserve attention, the list will be too long! :stuck_out_tongue:


@DMF makes amazing projects! I really like the project that got featured :DD


@Candycane deserves attention; she is also awesome and nice and funny. Also, she knows some German and that's more than enough of a reason right? XD


That nearly made me cry!

A little German? Entschuldigen Sie? 6 months (i know thats a tiny bit) of solid work there :/ XD

@KVJ is such a kind person and AMAZING coder, go follow him now!


Aww thanks!

To avoid more repetition:

@tankt2016 are two awesome Hops who are kind and helpful and for some reason know me… which is an honour


I edited the title.



Go check out Shaggy G. He is an amazing Hopscotcher!


Go check out @KVJ, their Awesome!


He's you could say :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks and Awsome (Johnson) is a really talented coder so check him out!!


@TitanBoy deserves attention .Most people (although he has a featured) don't look at his profile



Also I look at TitanBoy's profile! TitanBoy ==awesome Hop


Oh thank you!



Why did you just quote my thing and say nothing ? le XD


You have to quote to read it!


Oh right