Say One Fact! Hopscotchified!



I made this game called SAY ONE FACT! So, what it is, it like a chain game. The Hopscotcher above you I'd going to reply to the Hopscotcher above them. You say one fact or opinion about the Hopscotcher above you. Don't make it too obvious! And make sure you keep it hopscotch related!

Here's an Example! Pretend player one is me and Player 2 is SmileyAlyssa!
Player 1: The Hopscotcher username in Hopscotch is SmilingSnowflakes!
Player 2: The Hopscotcher above me is in Pacific time zone. PS. NOT a Stalker!
Player 1: Correct! The player above me has been feature once for a holiday card
And so on!

Remember to keep it Hopscotch related. Plus, it's my first chain game, so I'm excited! If this gets too crazy or someone gets mad, I will aske a leader to close this topic done! Have fun!


The person above me is writing a cool book?
xD I dunno


Yes! On Hopscotch, at least! Anyways the user above me has the Hopscotch username Razor64.


the hopscotcher above me loves preforming


How did you know that?? Anyways, the Hopscotcher above me has a character in my book called Aroha which means love.


I read it in your profile, yes your correct :innocent:

The user above me's username is EnchantedHopsotcher


The person above me, has the forum name beginning with W


The person above me loves kawaii


The User above a birthday is in May


The person above me lives in New Zealand


The user above me likes lilo and stitch!


The person above me loves the devil emoji


The user above me has been HOPSOTCHING for six months


The user above me lives in New Zealend


The user above me likes animals.


This user above me likes vanilla!


Yes! :D

The hopscotcher above me likes bears!


The user above me likes owls!


The user above me can be a devil smiling imp (What? That's the emoji!) sometimes! :smiling_imp:


Person above me is two people. ô•ô