Say bye (temporarily) here to Hopscotchers!


Today I am gonna go to a water park so bye!

I may be on soon before I go!


I am getting my suit on!


I am done with that but so bye guys see ya soon!


SCREAM today is the huge party for the 5th graders!!!! It's the last day of ■■■■■■■■■■ school!

If elementary is blocked how can people say elementary my dear (Name) like Sherlock Holmes????

Also I got a pretty dress. Yay. But I also am wearing leggings tennis shoes and letting my hair down so I can stil PAARRRRRRRTAY

So yeah. Bye. I get out at around 12:00 so.... See you then, (later than that obviously) also yeah it's a half day


Bye have a great day!:blush:

Are you going to a dance?


Yeah! It's in the cafeteria. Except it's not like boys and girls slow dancing it's like a madhouse of now 6th graders finally able to be free and dancing like crazy. I wanted to wear something nice, but I still wanted to party like there's no tomorrow. So I made some adjustments to my appearance.

They also have themes. Last year it was black-out with black lights and neon lights and stuff.

I hope they do that again this year.


Haha fun!

My sis recently-ish went to a big dance she actually danced with a boy!

She's not that type of girl so I was suprised!


Oh yeah they have themes at are do-op dance!

I Froget the age you have to be I think 15 almost there



AHAH! Sorry I was in a Sherlock Holmes mood. So you're 13! Ok. Cool. I'm 10. Anyways. Yeah sometimes girls dance with guys there most of the girls/guys don't. Honestly though I just wanna run around screaming whatever song they have on at the top of my lungs. XD


Don't go saying "BUT FLUFFY BEAR U NINE"

No that was not my real age yes yes you can find out now I guess..



Fist year dance my sister will be embarrassed

She will be like "that's not my brother​:flushed:"


Yeah I know. I saw when you said you weren't 9 it's ok. So yeah now I'm just waiting on my brothers to get ready and I'll be on my way. I'll probably code myself in this dress later..


Oh that will be fun!:smile:

Also, off topic but how's the sims going?


Bye, I am gonna go crush people in!


And that just failed...


Haha XD yeah, nobody asked me to the dance so i'm going with a group of friends. I don't really want to slow dance with a boy, since it'd be really awkward. But if one asked me I'd say WHATEVS SURE BRO LEGGO YOLO YEAH and he'd probably be like why did I do that... And then he wouldn't be able to back down because then he'd seem like a ■■■■ for asking someone to dance and then bailing on them. No I'd probably say nothing, blush for a while, then after 5 million years of nervousness I'd say yes but he'd already be dancing with some other girl. I'm friends with a lot of guys though so I'd be dancing with them, just not slow-dancing. Crazy dancing. Like the dancing people do at a rock concert.


Well this last week has been so busy with, yearbook signing, subs, graduation, half-days, and the dance, I couldn't make much progress. But anyway. Why can't my brothers get ready....



Bye, gotta read!


Okay bye!


I am back but I wanna play Minecraft so bye​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: