Say bye (temporarily) here to Hopscotchers!


So sorry that I have not been posting latley but in this topic you can say when you are getting off like

Bye everyone I am getting off!

Because I don't know where to say that I am saying I am leaving because last of me was 10 hours ago! Sorry I was obsessed with minecraft today and was playing it and was a church!

I will be on tonight though!


Bye from the fluffy bear!

The Inactivity Topic
Tell when you are going off!
The short period leaving topic
The short period leaving topic
When will you be away?
When will you be away?

So we say bye here when we leave?


Leave for like a hour or something!


That's not very nice I expect an apology you can't tell me to leave


No no no I mean like say goodnight anyone not just you or

Anyone say

Bye I am doing a day trip!


But you should add rules, like not to say personal info, like don't say for example, (made-up random name) "Bye, visiting Mr. Hanky Bear McGuilicudy".


@Huggingfluffybear was meaning that post towards you. They meant post when your going to leave the forum for a little while :slight_smile:


Okay! I will add that as a rule!


Goodnight I am going to sleep!


Bye guys soon!

I won't be here till the end of the day but while I am gone carry on!


Hey ya'll!

Also bye I am gonna play minePlex!


I am going somewhere that is long soonish be back in Fourier hours!


Have fun if it's supposed to be fun! If it's not supposed to be fun, well idk.


Yes but for four hours I don't know my friends will be there though!


Bai see ya tonight!


Guys I am gonna go to the beech so bye!


Okay! Bye! Hope you have fun at the beach!



I am not leaving yet but soon!


Then bye soon! Secret message...


I am back!!