Saving large numbers in hopscotch!


i recently discovered this code that may or may not be useful! Let me now what you Think!



Yeah, it is! So you can actually use this for something like highscores on a game or something, right?


Yes @ArtisticCoder you could!


That is really useful, thank you for sharing this!


Um, @SmileyAlyssa found this code a long time ago, and used it to create locked websites.


Not that code the other part the saving large numbers part


Oooo nice I can’t look at it cause I’m on my kindle but whatever it is I’m sure it will be useful!


I don’t see that code. Where is it?


Inside a blank text object


I don’t see anything other than the code that SmileyAlyssa created.


Two pepole can make the same thing without it being a copy.


Ok, cool.

Though I thought everyone knew this? It’s kind of obvious.

But I guess not.


I know. But you cannot say you created it when someone did already, and not expect someone to tell you otherwise.


I mean yeh


Ok @MyPi I didn’t know that was already made


But I don’t understand what code you were talking about. Was it this:

When(number is clicked){
Set var (code) to (code*10+number)


No it’s in a blank text object


Which one? I didn’t see any code except for that one.


It’s text 13


@MyPi @Mypi @MyPi @Mypi