Saving coding progress


How do you save your coding progress?
The coding on my draft was deleted.
The coding was deleted but not the draft itself.


This happened to me too :frowning: were you offline when you made the code? Did you upload your drafts with the cloud button? Make sure to do that if your offline. If you weren't, when you looked at the draft, was there preview? For example, mine (sometimes) looks like this

Super Secret Info

If it doesn't look like that, and has a monkey or a white preview, DO NOT OPEN IT. Refresh the app, and it should all be normal then.
I made the big mistake when I clicked on it, all the code got deleted. ;-;


That happened tome when I was sick, and I opened all my drafts, but my school iPad saved them, so I'm good :wink:

@Liza, is there any way to fix this?


I tapped on it on my cruise, I restarted ipad immediately and....... It was fine!
(the white kind (shivvers))


This happened to me before, but it was only button controls, so I redid it quickly :wink: