Save Strings In Hopscotch!



Hello Hopscotchers!
I have just created a simple riddles app.
This App allows you to type in an input!
It actually saves text into variables!

Here you go:

More About This App

You can input any 6 digit word, it converts it to a base-10 number, and checks if you got an answer right.

What’s more: I didn’t use any variables to make this project! How about that :D
Check the code to see what I used instead

This is just a beta app, I’m hoping to make a text based adventure game




What! How is that possible??


I converted base-27 to base-10 using an algorithm


Can I give a suggestion though


Yes please!


You should make it a qwerty keyboard the abc one is hard to work with


Ah, yes
I should do that in an update definitely


You used the “speed” variable?


I used all of the pregiven variables

So my main object that finds the 6 digit word in base10 is working on a 6 dimensional hypercube


I have no idea what that means. What’s Base 10? 6 dimensional hyper cube? What does that mean?


It’s magical Sauce



Sorry but that’s something you should tell @051.