Save It All 3 Coming Soon!



So after years of creating games, my first game ever that was actually good, was the original Save It All. At first it was called Save Them All, and then eventually called Save It All. After awhile then came the second Save It All after Overridden2. Save It All2 has its first feature, but I stopped updating it after that. Then, came the teaser for Save It All3, but that to I stopped working on it. Last week, I was trying to find ideas for a new game I haven’t thought of before, but then came Friday where I was like, Save It All3? Why not? So, Save It All3… Coming Soon…
Save It All3 is going to be introducing a new style I’ve never used before which will be interesting how it turns out

I need ideas for a new game

Cool! I haven´t played any versions of “Save It Alll” before, but I know that you are awesome at creating games!


True and I actually don’t wanna admit it


Well I could send a link to it
Save It All 3.0.3
I just found so many bugs with the game just now, it’s actually embarrassing


Unfortunately, multiple text objects filled the screen for me. I couldn´t swipe to the left to play the game, but I´m not sure whether or not you have implemented that yet.


That was the final version, I had no issues playing it just now


Save It All3 will introduce a new style I haven’t used before. Here is a screen shot of the pause menu

That’s the kind of style you will see all throughout the game!


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You are definitely the game master, so I can’t wait to see this one. Haven’t got a look at the other versions, but will for sure be waiting to see this one!


of course!


Weird. I tried to play it in the web player, maybe that was the problem.


I do please tell me

about the new updates


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Save It All 3 is nearing it’s final development of the first version!
Release Date: next week!

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