Save input and Set text to input no longer work

Your username: TheCMStudios

What kind of device are you using?: iPhone XR iOS 14 beta 2

1 sentence description of the problem: I opened a project I was working on last night and these two blocks stopped working completely

Steps that the Hopscotch team can take to reproduce my problem every time: I don’t know how it happened

I expected this to happen: The keyboard to pop up

But instead this happened: Absolutely nothing

Here’s a sweet screenshot: Here is the code


Another thing with this is these two blocks don’t work in any project at all even if I create a new draft


Wait it has a prompt bubble now?


It’s always had one


No, I had that update for a lil while, and it just said save imput


Always had one for me then


iOS 14 beta? Coolio.

Did you do anything after you exited the project that might have broken them?


Closed the project and closed the app. Nothing unusual


Strange… these features are still in beta, so it’s possible they broke on their own.


Possibly. I don’t see why or how but very unfortunate


Could you perhaps post a video here of your bug, or publish it and mention that it has a bug? Your screenshot just doesn’t show enough detail regarding your bug.

Maybe try to restart your device (if you haven’t done so yet), and try the project again… If it still doesn’t work, I don’t know what to tell you.

That screenshot is as best as it can get…

I’ve hard restarted and restarted my device multiple times

Then maybe do a RAM reset. This will not erase any data.

To do a RAM reset, first turn on Assistive Touch from accessibility >> touch settings (you will need a home button. The bar at the bottom will not work). Then hold the top button and vol up button until the power off option displays. Then open the Assistive Touch menu and press and hold the home button (located at the bottom of the menu. If you had a device with a home button, you could’ve just pressed the home button at the bottom of your device).

If successful, all of your opened apps will reset (technically it does the same effect as closing the apps, so I wouldn’t expect it to work anyways).

Closing topic. Problem was fixed in app update 3.42.2

Try updating your app to 3.42.2 once available (if you haven’t already done so).