Save drafts for updates of published projects

Hey, I’m aadenboy, and it annoys me that there’s no way to make a draft of a newer version of your own published project. I’ve lost updates before because they weren’t saved. It’s annoying. There is the option of saving a draft of the project, and then republishing it, but it will wipe the saved data of others (and mine), which nobody wouldn’t want. Some sort of function that saves a draft of these, and asks if you want to load it when you go to edit would help.


One word: yes


I thought there was already a topic for this, but I can’t seem to find it. It’s a great suggestion though, and I would definitely love to see this feature.

In the meantime, I suggest checking out this topic, which shows you a way to override a published project’s code with the code in your draft:

Edit: this shouldn’t be a solution unless the feature has actually been implemented