"Save and Exit" button not appearing for old iOS versions/devices (OPEN)

Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

Your username: FearlessPhoenix

What kind of device are you using?: Old iPad (2013 ish)

1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing _________, and then __________ happened):
I was exiting a project and tried to get the draft’s player as the thumbnail, but the save button wasn’t there. Only way to exit now is the home icon through the editor, and you can’t get the player thumbnail like that

Steps that the Hopscotch team can take to reproduce my problem every time:

  1. Press the green share button
  2. Only see the “x” and the publish button, no option to save using the player as a draft thumbnail.

I expected this to happen:
The button to be there

But instead this happened:
Wasn’t there

Here’s a sweet screenshot:

  1. create a project
  2. press share in top right corner.

–> no option to exit to your “home” page/save, which means you have to press “x”, then the home button in the editor, and it takes you back. But this saves your thumbnail as whatever the editor is, and there’s no longer an option to save it with the thumbnail as the player screen (smiley face)

(Yes I did seriously scribble out my drafts)

I really love the new update but it’d be awesome to have this feature back soon, if it wasn’t removed intentionally and not as a bug. If it was a bug, I do hope it still gets fixed soon because it’s super annoying to only have editor thumbnails. As organized as you can be using titles and I guess the editor, it’s just so much nicer and more convenient to have a pic of the actual project instead. Or to at least have the option for the people that prefer it, like myself.


I don’t have this issue


Oh come onnn. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad it works for you, but I really hope this isn’t like the shape thing where it’s just me.

I deleted and reinstalled on my phone and cleared up some space which seemed to help but I can’t do any of that on my ipad



I’m sorry…


Is it a school device or something? Even then though I can usually find ways around it


Oh well. Just gonna go mope in a corner.
This is why I stopped coding on hs.


Wait, perhaps it’s an iPad only issue? Me and TCMS are both on iPhones I believe.


No it’s a personal one.

It’s just really old and I have hs projects that are old and buggy that may not have properly uploaded. That’s a lot of work and even tho hthey may never work, still dont wanna loose the drafts


Maybe lol
But I wouldn’t be too optimistic.

I’ll leave this open for confirmation i guess but if it’s just me it’s hopeless and there’s literally nothing that can be done, like with the shape bug


Seems to be just you.

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Thanks for trying yall, just gonna clivecate since leaving the topic up is pretty pointless haha

I’ll post updates on the yctayhch if anything happens


Thanks CM :slight_smile:

So yeah, Pumpkingirl and GeOrGiE have this bug too, hence the reopen.

It’s probably a device or iOS issue, like the shape bug.


Is it a problem with hitting the “Save & Exit” button?


Yeah, it basically doesn’t show up for us, like in the screenshots in the op.


Ah so the button doesn’t appear anymore at all?

What iOS version are you running and @PumpkinGirl you said you had this issue too? What is your iOS version and app version?


Nope, not since this topic was created