Savannah animals club


This is what my club is all about


Is this related to Hopscotch in any way? If not, it might get flagged and/or closed.


Make sure to have it be related to Hopscotch!


Like @BasketballNerd and @Kiwicute2016 said, keep it related to Hopscotch! Why not make animal models? :smile:


U should be saying this to the POTATO club


Hi @BasketballNerd 🤗


I haven't been keeping up with that club, but aren't they incorporating Hopscotch into it? Like making potato projects?


They're making Hopscoch games every month in that club :wink:


Hmm. They relate it back to Hopscotch by creating games! Can you do the same?


O.k. Do you want to join my club?


I'm really sorry, but since I'm so busy with school, I barely have time for Hopscotch! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!


I also have to go to school. I am a 7th grader and I am on hopscotch and the forum secretly. #ballerninjaskills


I would like to join if related to hopscotch!


O.k. I am actually starting a safari game TODAY!


I completed the safari game! It is called "take care of tiger (savannah game1)"


In the potato club, which you joined, be aware that I'm planning to do more with it. Like I'm thinking about doing the Potato Games, which there may be a collab.:wink: Just making sure you knew.


O.k. Thankyou for notifying me!