Savable RPG by Xman0417



Someone tried to do this before, but quit. I’m doing it now hehhe.

Credits to the old topic for the idea.

My versions so far: Version 0 (Just Title Screen) Version 0.1 (Contains a bug.) Version 0.2 (First development of save code) Version 0.3 (Tutorial Completed)

Please give feedback and ideas!


It’s cool but I say wait to post more until the rpg is semi finished


Since it is a game I have to do in class, my teacher wants me to track my progress.
I’ll do that here lol.


Ok you couldn’t just copy the draft ever6 update?


I’m confused.
Are you trying to say that I should copy the draft every week(pretty much I have to update it once a week)?
The issue with that is that we have to present it and he wants classmates to be able to find every draft.


Oh ok


This is a great start! I also made a saveable game myself and they are really cool!


Thank you!


V 0.3 is out. When gameplay is available past stage 2, POMTL will be tagged. That’ll probably be in a month or so. Maybe 3 weeks.


When it draws the trail for the tutorial part set the speed higher or use set position



I’ll do that. That’ll be in the next update. (About a week lol)
I’m adding it now.
Woh that’s fast.


Revive lol

Any bugs other than the Dino the second time that I need to fix?
(Just play through it)

Also, after the first fight, just stop. I haven’t done much with that yet.

And finally, any name suggestions?

My only ideas rn are:
Hopscotch Savable RPG
Smiley Savable RPG
I’m currently leaning towards the first one.
Do you guys have any other ideas?


I recommend at the end of the first text box out in parentheses
(Tap To Continue)


Wait that wasn’t boxed out?
Okay thank you.


I didn’t post V0.6 on here as it wasn’t complete.

So here this is.

I completed stage 1, Massively redid the save code (1,0,0 only is the tutorial.), and updated the save code so that it updates with the kills. I also fixed the (Tap to Continue) thing as ScotchTape pointed out.


Could you make a savable art pad?


I don’t think that’s possible:P

at the moment anyways. It doesn’t save over projects


And final version during the school year.