SassyDancer's general topic😊

Hello everyone! It's my general topic! While you're on here plz remember.....
1. No flame wars
2. No bad language
3. HAVE FUN!!!


hi! first!


What's up @CatWithABrush??!!?!!?!!? Idk I am being rlly ■■■■ today!


I'm ok, thx for asking.
lol you said 'no bad language' and you used it


Okay hi.


Hey @MiNi! Are you as hyped up on sugar as I am??!??!

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@MiNi :four_leaf_clover:!!! Sorry :neutral_face: emoji love :heart:️ ya know?!?!?!?!!?

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I got two, but I also got 3 skittles, two, mnm's, a bag of candy hearts, a pack of gum, one medium sized kit kat package, one small one, a mini packet of gummy bears, a mix bag of mixed sugary popcorn and tiny treats, an mnm Rice Krispie treat, and More!!!

Wait plz no I'm not tryna brag plz no don't flag mee

Hey! @SassyDancer do you want to make a protect with me?

Hey @dancefurlife, I am in the same place as ur bio!! Yayz lel lol I'm so weird!

Naw, she said dum.b , but without a period. She didn't know it'd be censored, like this, ■■■■ , if she didn't put a period. Oh, and #urmysenpai!! I really like ur art and projects omgosh hai!!!

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Hello everybody
Happy Valentine's Day

Hey @DECODECO!! What's up? Happy Valentine's Day! I wish I could share my candy but you know, so.....
here's this.

(Not even sure if that last one's a candy shishkabob or not, soz...:hugging:)

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yeah I know, and thanks!


Haven't got my candy yet...
My family usually buys chocolate after Valentine's for chocolate sale lol

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Ah thank you so much! I mean, yw! I just, it's rlly CWAB talking to me!

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Lol #thinkinoutsidethebox

Ugh I have to do my homework, I wish I didn't have to! Bye guys and btw I'll be checking in on this and chatting, just like, a couple minutes after everything u say, if zat makes sense! :wave:🏻:wave:🏻

Hi Bray. Wassup? Kev joined the forums


What did u put there?