Sapphira Donut's Art Club



Hello! So I made a poll in the drawing topic, to see if I should make an art club and a few said yes, and they could join and a few said yes, but they would be able to join. So I decided to open an art club, so please feel free to join :smiley: . Just please give me a piece of your art below and also answer the following questions, honestly please. I’m looking for, maybe about 15 or 20 people to join, probably 15. There will be a lot of fun competitions, more info will come when I announce the members of the club! I will announce them probably on April 28th, something like that.
Here are the questions.

  • Will you participate in the challenges?
  • No
  • Yes
  • I’ll try to

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  • Will you be nice to everyone in the club, and not make fun of there art, or not give cc unless they say so?

  • yes

  • no

  • maybe
    [/poll][poll name=poll3 type=regular public=true]

  • How much do you draw and like art?

  • A lot

  • averagely

  • a little

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I think thats it :000

Have fun and make sure to join if you want to!
whoops gotta fix the poll wait a sec


uhh yeah the polls don’t rlly work


answer this question over here :pppp

  • Will you be nice to everyone in the club and not make fun of their art?
  • Yes
  • no
  • maybe

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answer this one over here too

  • How much do you draw and like art?
  • A lot
  • averagely
  • a little

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yeah, Im trying to edit the parts out but It wont let me and its telling me to contact a moderater sooo :pppp


Id like to join :))
No guarantees that ill be able to participate in every challenge, im a huge procrastinator, but still :stuck_out_tongue:
Heres some examples of my two art styles yay


I answered all of them!!!


Can I join???


Aaaaaaaa I also want to join but the next 3 weeks I have final and on Ramadan I don’t wanna spend time on the forum so yh
That’s ages away
But can I still join?


I wannna join!


yes you can, I understand :))


yeah you can!

just please leave an example of your art :slight_smile:


I see a lot of people who answered the questions but didnt leave an example of their art! Please if you have time today then just leave an example please :))


I was sleeping…

(I have gotten better I guess)



and also, thats great, thanks!


@CG75 (right?)
You guys are in the art club.

If you would like to quit please let,me know with a reason or something

the first challenge is coming out today!


Hi I’ll join! Here’s some art





nice ok, thanks!


Am I in?


I’l join

Examples of my art are below



yeah its also just a list of people who have entered a submission