Santa: REVEALED: A story I'm starting!


I started a story!

Want to be a part of this? Edit yourself in here:
Peeps in the story

@BellaWafflez17 @Sweetlina


Is your story related to Hopscotch? I can't see it. :frowning: This message pops up:

It sounds cool!


I have to submit it for school, but I will edit frens (like @BellaWafflez17) in and continue. :D The link shows my school's domain. Is that allowed? :0


Um I can't see anything


@Intellection74 the same thing happened to me :frowning:
It sounds like a cool story, though!
Can I be in it? I liek veree much being in storeez


Can I be in the story too



I don't think you can allow Hopscotchers to edit your story through Google Docs, because 1) it reveals emails and 2) (like you said) it reveals your school's domain. Maybe Copy & Paste the story here? :+1:


It works now! phewzles


Does anybody like it? :0