Sans' General topic


It's my new general topic. Pretty straightforward.

Snas' Genril torpic. Ready for #HHC2016?

First post. What's you favorite color?


Did you subscribe to the new update




How did you find hopscotch?


I love how you already got a genral topic on your old account.

Anyways..... Uhh hi!
Wait you said your favorite colors blue


No, I did not. While it would be helpful to have your own images, I feel like I'm doing pretty well without them.


Well, I changed my favorite color.


I did to In July.


During school one day, I saw some of my friends playing on hopscotch. I thought it seemed pretty cool, so I started coding.


How did you get your name


Boy or Girl

You don't have to say if you don't want too


One word: Undertale
Now some more words to fill up the space.


I'm a boy. (I think)



One more question

What is 9+10?


So original.


It is equal to 10+9


What would you add to HS?


A way to import music into your projects.


I'm working on my very first game since my return to hopscotch. It is called meteoroids, and should be done later this week! I will add more info later, but for now, I need to go to school.