Sanctuary Topic AKA the Venting Room



Hello, formers! I am @KawaiiOaktree3. Now, you may be wondering What is this doing in the new topics area? Well, like most people, I get stressed every now and then. But KawaiiOakTree3, what does that have to do with the forum? This topic is a sanctuary, where you can vent out your problems or get something off your chest. (I just now realized that those phrases mean the same thing… .-.) I’m hoping this topic can produce fewer flame wars and bullies on the forums, and help to rebuild our “toxic” community. So, without further ado, say hello to a brighter community, and keep calm and code on! :smiley:


i can vent? cool!


Friendly reminder to search before you post, there’s already a ranting topic that people use. I can link it, if needed.


I killed a man


I killed two men + a woman




did you hide the body


? Of course i did




This is an interesting approach into fixing the “toxic community” people have been complaining about! Nice idea!


inserts room full of vents


please don’t make air vent jokes. although they may be funny, this topic was probably made to help people with depressi.on, sadness, and other issues.


Yeah. @StarSwan is correct there. In all seriousness, this topic was made to help those who are struggling with some issues.