Same Person, Double Likes? Plus 1 More Bug



I was looking at my activity and saw this:

They're the only 3—wait, 2?—people who liked my project.
I thought they might've liked and unliked, so I went to look at the project, and saw this:
So I checked if they were two different people. Nope! This is what both looked like, with both the same times, although you can't see that here:
Reloaded Hopscotch and checked my activity, but still, with the duplicate:
Then I checked the project, and it still had 3 likes, although 4 different people liked it:
@admins? @moderators? Help?


Sometimes it's just a little late I wouldn't worry about it
And Photo Bomb!
I liked it because your in my following and I like everything in my following
i do actually look at the projects


It was 2-5 minutes late, with 1 reload...


It was probably because they liked it, then unliked it, then liked it again! Hopscotch's notification system isn't that advanced so there are a few bugs!


It happens when somebody likes your project, and then unlikes it and likes it again. Usually it happens by accident. :wink:


It would probably be a glitch @GysvANDRegulus