Same and Empty Profile Picture Problem



Looking at the forums, I've noticed many people copying other people's profile pictures. I suggest you change your profile back to its original because:

  • It doesn't help the community to pretend to be someone else
  • People get confused at who is who and often reply to the wrong person
  • Many people find it scary
    • For example, someone might have thought that they'd been hacked
  • Some people find it annoying instead of funny

Remember, the forums is for helping people and spreading ideas. I would say that having the same profile picture does neither and instead, would be considered off topic and/or spam. I also suggest keeping one profile pic throughout your time here so it makes it easier for people to recognize you!

We want a happy and helpful community, not a confused, angry mob.




Agreed again.


Agreed a third time


XD When everyone changed their profile pic to @OrangeScent1 I was like

Yes I borrowed this pic from @LotsaPizza


The best way to refer to forumers is a confused, angry mob XD


This also applies to the profile pics with no picture.


Why? What's wrong with the color white?
初音 ミク
初音 ミク
初音 ミク
初音 ミク


It's kinda confuzzling when people have no profile pic there. I thought it was a glitch so I was like

XD but for real ppl


i couldnt agree more @Kiwicute2016