saluton, kiel vi fartas? hello, how are you?



hello! i am new to this “forum”. i discovered this “forum” on i speak esperanto. feliĉan festotagojn!

to end this, here is a meme and its translation
tumblr_p1a5187it51wlgi48o1_500 (1)

dio: you will never be able to create an international language, it will be a failure

creates a very successful international language


Hello, welcome to the hopscotch forum! I’m Dudey, I’ve been on here for almost two years now.

This forum is for a coding app, called hopscotch. It’s an app to express a creator’s personality, through forms of coding and art.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Hey, @sonjacnl, welcome to the forums. Do you have the Hopscotch app?