Salut Hopscotchers! Aide de codage!



Je parie qu'il ya des gens ici qui sont français, Belge ( Aller Belgique :joy:) suisse, Haitan , de toute façon les gens qui parlent français , je sais qu'il est un sujet français déjà, mais il est plus d' une conversation Je pensais que cela pourrait être . à des fins de codage , comme collaborations et questions.

Note: Mon français est pas parfait, mais je suis assez bon!


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There is already a French topic on here! Be sure to search before you post! :wink:


I explained that in my post @DancingLollipop

It's ok :wink:


Oh oops! I'm not very good with French :sweat_smile:


It's fine :joy:


Good idea! This is French :joy: I should translate!


Translation; ps I used google translate XD
I bet there are people here who are French , Belgium ( Belgium Go : joy :slightly_smiling: Swiss , Haitan , anyway people who speak French , I know he is a French subject already , but it is more a conversation I thought it could be. for coding purposes, such collaborations question .

Note: My French is not perfect, but I'm pretty good!


Lol I just read what you said with a translater


Thanks! I don't use Google Translate because its translations are a bit off. Because you have to switch some stuff around and stuff.Yeah that is basically what I said though!


One thing I messed up though is I did say belgium instead of Belgian! Thanks for the translation! Now to fix my mistake! :joy:


Salut! Remember though to search before you create a whole new topic! :wink:


I did search! I didn't want to break a rule or something. All I found was a French chat. I was on it, and it is just for chatting really, so I thought I would make one for coding. I actually mentioned about that in my original first paragraph when I created the topic. It's fine :wink:


OK sorry!!


Its OK! I made a mistake, sorry, really should have translated my post!


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All I know is bonjour

I will travel to France with my beautiful French speaking skills


Hehe I went to La France this summer! Wooo Pretty much everyone there spoke enough English anyway :sweat_smile: I'm thinking about making a French project in Hopscotch!


If you want the title translated its here:


Um??? I have no idea what you're saying I just started learning French