Salad Fingers Fanclub



Hello, this is my Salad Fingers Fanclub.
You can ask to join my Salad Fingers Fanclub if you wish.
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It’s very easy to join The Salad Fingers Fanclub.
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In the Salad Fingers Fanclub, you share opinions with each other about Salad Fingers. ((ex. episode two was my favorite, hubert cumberworth is weird, yuri x salad fingers is a good ship))
You can also quote episodes like this: “I like it when the red water comes out”.

Thanks for reading.
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And never forget,

oh and all the episodes are good for all ages
would recommend being 0+ to watch though


club leader: @lovelydeer
club followers: @coolaid @blackseal and I’m adding you @SarcasticTvHead




i don’t even know what Salad fingers is

but i like fingers so why not


here’s a link to episode one to get you started:


why thank you


im five seconds in and my favorite quote so far is “hello, (heavy breathing)


ok never mind i like the “i like rusting spoons” part more


like who dosent like rusty spoons


I know!!
salad fingers is so relatable it’s crazy
I feel almost like I have a connection with the characters


ok nvm “i must find the perfect spoon” totally blowed me away



i wish I could meet salad fingers irl, he seems like such a cool guy!


I loved it when the child shrieked


I can’t wait for you to meet his friends in episode two :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Same! The show is so unpredictable I can’t wait


Hubert Cumberdale is goregous and I want him as my son


Majorly Stewart Baxter is awesome too


ewwww what? hubert cumberdale tastes like soot


and jermey Fisher is :ok_hand:


how dare u

i love soot


yeah me too, but why hubert cumberdale as your son? :((((