Saga of Apple: My Newest Game!


Hello there!
This is the official topic for my new game, saga of Adlez!! It follows a young cat named chain on his quest to save prince adlez from the evil canon! I will be posting my progress on the game here. A link (hehe) will be coming soon.


Here is what I have done so far.
List @BB-Box @ArtyAnimal @AvocadoDont @AwesomeNachos @BellaWafflez17 @bluedogmc-official @BubblegumCupcakeMix @ButterBark @Candycane @CatWithABrush @ChocolateFox @CodePerfect @codingkit @ColourfulBlack @ConnellCoder @CreationsOfaNoob @cupcakemaniac1 @DA-BEASTY @doZqoh @DMF @Ella_13 @Explorer_ @FascinatingTreehouse @FluffyMarshmellow @FoodDelivery @FortatoBuilder @FunkyGoldfish @GiraffeProductions @GLaDOS_On_Da_Forum @happy12345678910 @HappyPerson @HappyDolphin @Himynameismeredith1 @Hoppertoscotch @IKeudin @Jess888 @JojoDude @KarmicSans2 @KawaiiRose @Kitkat26 @KoolM123 @KVJ @MiiR_legend @minioncandy @MudFlowerCat @Murphy1 @Paige1212 @Paydent12 @PerfectPanda24 @PianoGorilla2006 @Potter_Head @Puppylulu @PumpkinGirl @PurpleStorybook @Rainboom @RubyStars @ScarySweetheart @Sensei_Coder @Silverdolphin @SnowGirl_Studios @Sprouse @StarryDream @Steelhooves @StRiKe_Charler123 @Sugarisyummy @TheDrawer @Themasterofairjitzu @treefrogstudios @TrevCoding @Valgo @ValueGamesStudio @waddlemarco @WasIdealessHere @weathercats @William04GamerA @xXBARNSLEYFCXx @Yellow_Mellow @YuxinaYammy @Zachyswag
EDIT: forgot to add the link, XD


It's cool I'm just wondering if you were that kamicsan(off)I forgot


It says "Page not found". Try to add the link again!
But the story and the idea seems very cool! Great job!


I'll add it in a few hours.


It sounds like a good game idea!

Just right now, it's a little unfinished looking. Maybe wait for a little while to show us what you've got!


Saga of Apple... my video games mind is telling me Legend of Zelda parody :joy:


Just a quick update: I am currently working on adding the air dungeon. A new preview should be ready by next week.