Safety check take time to read


Most of you wouldn't have the nerve to search up "(celebrity) address" or phone number, right? Some of you may.
Whatever you do, if you click on the sites, that was a bad turn. Don't call the number or look for the house even though I doubt you would. They are fake and the person who wrote the article is probably a bad guy who wants to attract young fangirls of Justin Bieber to his house and kidnap them.
Which is a reason I'm a little concerned about the THT call thing.
We gave THT our phone numbers. What if someone hacked Liza's email and sent it to us and tried to get our numbers so they can track us down? That's something we have to worry about.
Kids, be careful on the Internet.... it's a dangerous place.


The Internet is a dangerous place...


Which is why this forum is probably a safe place


Your right

is it actually @MobCraft's b day?




Good reminder @KayKay.

I beg they're Waiting for you to text them your info,..


There's a free app "Periscope" that lets you broadcast live so anyone can see who has Periscope.
You can also privately broadcast so only ppl you choose can see the broadcast.

Maybe @Liza could try using Periscope.


That's the website that Jacob's actual number is in....






Great reminder !


When did THT ask for your phone numbers? That's really not ok...

#14's a check if you do end up getting a number...
Pretend you're a huge fan who will get them a new phone if absolutely ANYTHING isn't in tact.
They'll probably say they're phone is fine.
So say you'll call.
Cover your cameras with thick tape.
"Accidentally" hit FaceTime and see if they're real! You'll see them. They won't see you.
If not, report the site.


WHoever subscribed to hopscoh when they joined usually gets an email from THT weekly
This week they sent us an email saying they wanted to call us and we can get a free t shirt if they called us so my mom gave them her phone number.
Really mom


What if they decline the FaceTime


You found a flaw................................huh..................


And their voice will prove lol


Guys, don't give your phone numbers to any stranger. Instead, ask them to do a Google Hangout or something.