Safari crashed on my ipad



hi so my safari on my IPad crashed and I wont be able to do anything until Tuesday so I have to do everything on my computer so I might not be able to be on the forum as much until then


But if it crashed, can't you use it again?
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Same as @Mobcraft

But you know you can use other browsers, right?

Plus Im using my pc right now.... im a computer freak.


nope! it doesn't even do anything! it wants me to call apple or something...


Oh, can you show me a screenshot?


On my old iPad dat I use last yeah Safari is always laggy.
Until I got the iPad I'm using now.(Thnx mum!)


If you have appstore, download another browser like Dolphin or Google Chrome. And email or call apple, they would help you!


I cant I have a school ipad and the school restricts us from getting any browsers at all