Sad Project? I need suggestions


I want to make a sad project. I know I know... Spread positivity! And I love that message. I just feel like making a sad project. I remade say something in hopscotch so I can use that... But what should it be?


Someone crying over spilt milk?


Code gets deleted, quits hopscotch. Saddest thing ever...


Ha! But no. I think I want to do something really sad. Like sad enough to make someone cry. (I like sad books and things don't judge me). I honestly love crying it feels good. Anyways....


That's pretty good but I want sadder.


Maybe what @stick88 said?


Sadder. (It must be the most sad thing in the world!)


sad potatoes?


Umm the sun crashes and explodes the earth and everyone dies exsept for you alone in cold space!


D: but why would they be sad? Would they have just watched their friend get skinned and eaten? (Ok maybe that's a little too much)


When you are an orphan. :unamused:


Maybe, maybe a happy ending at the end of a Harry Potter movie? ( our mom always cries at that) Or a very sad song? (I sometimes get watery eyes with that) What about writing about a sad post, because I have watery eyes right now.


Hmm.... Nah. I want something really sad. Like really really really sad


That's sad too.... But not sad enough.... I'm asking for a lot I know...


Some kid summons a powerful code laser at his friend even though he was told not to and the friend dies... (Starts crying)


I already got Say Something so maybe something to do with that song?


I know really said stuff, but it is really scary.


That feels a little... Unnatural. I want a natural event that could happen...


Maybe something about a little kid with cancer? Those always make me cry...


When the Turtles goes exctint.