Sad Pictures and Topics!


People have really sad profile pictures. Why are they crying? @smishsmash @Dude73 @Hero_Dino @Razor @Sweetlina @Candycane

And all the topics about people leaving!

It makes me so sad​:disappointed:


@Tim Why did you delete your post?


Because we can't be happy at all times. Which is wai we have emotions, right?:wink:
@Dude73 is sad because of the Leaders leaving, so is @smishsmash.(at least I think so)


A lot of people are leaving, hearts being broken


Yeah, that happens a lot. Leader problems. This should change!


I did. But is it true?


K thanks

@StarryDream @HappyPerson pls do t tell anyone



Me is sad. Me change profile


I changed my profile lic . Sometimes you just need Baymax to comfort you


Any ways, it's none of my business
backs off


I leike dat Max:

Max Caulfield…




There's a movie called Max lol


Max da GSD so cuuute!
Wait is he a GSD or a Malinois?


Aww, I like your new profile picture better! It's soo cute! I love Big Hero 6!

But you are right, I am sad that people leave. Why though?

Limitation, boredom, bullyin', being suspended, crazy tagging, overwhelming, personal info crisis, notification craziness, spam, fear if people finding you, plagiarizism, being worried if someone wants to meet you, trust level issue (leader problem. I'm not a leader yet, I'm a member), having someone say something offensive, sexual abuse (it can happen on the Internet!), LGBT/LGBTQ+ (some people are highly against that. Not me!), hackers (BIG ISSUE!!)

Anything else?


What's a GSD or a mallois?
Not a big fan of animals. I'm scared of all animals since I was bitten by a mouse


@StarryDream and @Hero_Dino GBOT, please!


Ya sure!


They are breeds of dogs
GSD stands for German Shepherd Dog
And Malinois is a type of short-haired dog dat looks a bit like a GSD