Sad lyrics For project


I wanna make a song on hopscotch with my superstars star girl, hotanna, or The Potterheads. Yep, Potterheads.
I need sad lyrics. Here's a start:
Weasley: I always wanna be with them, btu I'm outside looking in, let me in, let me in, please just let me in.
Granger: They treat me, they treat me, they treat me like I'm nothing but seeds in a ground that won't grow.
Potter: Kill the joy, kill the love, kill the good things because they won't do anything, but ruin.
All: I always wanna be with the, but I'm outside looking in, let me in, let me in, let me in please let me in.

This will be turned into a project and I'd like it if you guys make a rhythm for it.


Why does it have to be sad why can't everyone be HAPPY


I actually started writing songs in third grade, and took lots of classes on lyric writing. I also listen to some pretty upsetting music, so I can help.


Because happiness Whne someone is ■■■■■■■■ you solves nothing. Also @smileyalyssa I may get rid of Bellatrix soon my brain hurts a bit btu I'm kind of joyful..


I started writing songs in third grade too...


Oh, really? That's awesome! I only have a few complete lyrics though, but I'm proud of them.


Reads third line, starts crying...,

Be Happy!


I really like the rhythm of your song @friendship2468!

Be Happy Everyone :D


Me too, I am good at songs towards the major tones,it,y but minors not TOO bad


The last line should be: now let's put all that behind and be


Also #NotGrownUp (for all you Crundee Craft fans)