SabotageWarning is a network!


OMG Guys! SabotageWarning is run by 7 or 8 people!!!! Now activity is boosted to extreme!


What do you mean?


Yeah, what do you mean? Sabatogewarning is a company?!


So sabotagewarning is more than one perso!?


Dang! :0

That's so awesome!!

Wait, wait, hold up. Are you all hackers now? :stuck_out_tongue:


:thinking: what?? Hackers! Me! No!


What? Since when? This is amazing! Who? :smile:


So I am in a classroom of students, and all of them use Hopscotch. They all use my account! Ok! And @Rawrbear, WE ARE NOT HACKERS!

About the hate from people

Okay, okay, jeez :stuck_out_tongue: