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Okay So, Many People Have Made This And They Say It's Good To Have One, So This Is My General Topic. You May Ask Questions Here Like 'How Did You Get Your Name (State Which One)?' Or 'Why Did You Change Your Name?' But Don't Ask Questions Like 'What School Are You In?' And Stuff Like That. You May Also Write Your Requests And Questions About Pachiramel. I Will Try To Answer All Your Questions And Do All Your Requests. I Will Also Write My Announcements And Maybe Chat Here Too. I Might Change My Name To Something With '&' In It. Start Questioning And Requesting Away (But Not Too Many Requests As I Can't Do Them All!)! :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:


Hi,How did u get ur G&U yser?
First reply


Does That Mean How I Knew About Hopscotch Or How I Got My Name? I'd Answer Both If You Want. :wink:


Uh...why does everything you text start with a capital letter?


I was actually gonna ask you about your user...


It's Just Become A Habit. At First, I Thought That It Would Be Cool To Make Projects That Have Tutorials, But Give It A Different Name. Then, I Kept Using Capital Letters For The Name That I Got So Used To Using Capitals In Hopscotch. So........ That's Why. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I got used to doing that, too. I write books, and I cringe when there is a long sentence without a Capital Letter.


this sentence is such cringe no capital letter Ina die now.


For My Name, At First It Was 'Grapsie'. I Got That Name Because I Called My Cousin Raisin, And He Said I Was A Grape. I Just Told Him That He Was The Grape, And Called Him 'Grapsy'. Then, I Figured It Was A Good Name To Use As I Did Not Have Any Other Name For Hopscotch. I Used That As My Nickname In My Contact, And Used Siri. Siri Started Calling Me (Grap-see) And It Sounded Weird. I Added An 'E' And It Worked And Sounded Better. I Used Grapesie And Went On To Add Other Words To That, But No Unicaramel. At That Time, I Liked Putting 'By Grapesie' At The End.Then, One Day, I Was Talking To My Friends About Dreams We Had. She Said She Had A Weird Dream About A Unicorn Eating Caramel In A Field. I Made A Name For That: 'Unicaramel'. I Wanted To Put By Unicaramel, But It Didn't Make Sense. So I Renamed Myself 'Grapesie & Unicaramel'. Then I Started Renaming Myself To Random Stuff Like 'NeonSapphirePheonix' And 'TheGirlWhoCriedHopscotch'. At That Time I Was Using 'By WaffleBun' Because I Created An Account Called WaffleBun & MuffinCake. I Changed It Already To Something But I Forgot. Then, Someone Pretended To Be Me, Calling Themselves 'TheGirlWhoCriedHopscotch' And Writing 'By WaffleBun'. Some People Believed Her/Him, But Most Didn't. My Mom Told Me That I Should Put My Name As My Original Name. So It Came Back To 'Grapesie & Unicaramel', But For One Day, It Was 'Eevee Gal' For Five Minutes. So Basically, Yeah That's What Happened. I Started Liking Pokemons As My Friends Kept Talking About Them. So Yesterday, I Decided To Change My Name To Two Of My Favorite Pokemons: Sylveon & Vanillite. So I Named Myself 'Sylveon&Vanillite', But Decided To Put '(G&U)' At The Back So People Wouldn't Get Confused. So It's 'Sylveon&Vanillite (G&U)' Now. I Created Another Account Called 'Grapesie & Unicaramel' So That No One Would Steal My Name. Sorry, This Is Too Long.... :confounded::scream::tired_face:

For How I Knew About Hopscotch, I Was Having My Exams And My Dad Told Me I Could Get Some Apps After Exams. I Was Looking In The Games Section Of App Store, And I Found Hopscotch. So I Asked My Father And He Said It Was Good As It Was Something Related To Learning. So I Got It After My Exams.

Woah! That Was Long! I'm Sorry If I Took Forever To Write This, It Was An Hour. I'm Really Sorry!


Jeez that's huge.


Nice story


Hai @CreamBliss
Wat is dis project for


That Was The Logo. I Made It Long Time Ago. Remember The Scratch Ticket? You Won A Logo, So I Made It. :slight_smile:


Okay I remember now.
Thanks :3


Any Questions? I'm Bored :neutral_face:........Lol :joy:!


What was the hardest project that u made? @creambliss


Stranded At Sea and Vending Machine

soz i was bored






Yeah, cool.............


It's Probably My 'QuaintMarshmallow's Profile' Project. I Had To Look At Her Profile And Try To Make It Exactly The Same. Hopscotch Has A Lot Of Details For Profiles.