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My most elaborate splatoon headcanon is that sheldon’s grandfather was/is still alive and in that octo expansion facility and i compiled proof and reasons why

Reasons why

Ammoni is a weapons maker. Perhaps after sanitization (can it work on non ink creatures?) he made weapons

Also horseshoe crab blood is crazy. Currently its used to detect toxins in medical equipment. Due to the phone guy being set on making the ultimate race (his words not mine) perhaps he wanted to use this blood?

Possible proof

well there are posters of him all over the octo expansion place.
Also since he made some of the weapons today (the aerospray, bamboozler an dynamo roller) he could be useful that way and the weapons are there


That actually really makes sense
And he could have helped with developing the robot octos and their weapons and the system within octo expansion

I don’t really remember if I had any headcanons but there was one about salmon run and mr grizz but I don’t remember details


I haven’t played splatoon in awhile that’s why I don’t remember much sksjs


I wanna play splatoon now. And im gonna


Yeah i also made this elaborate octo expansion like thing except with horseshoe crabs and sheldon. Its extremely long


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yeah hw suuuuuuuuuuuuucks


Cool splatfest but wheres the creepy mascot option based on the octoling octopus amiibo

The reason i love marina isnt because she’s ‘thicc’ of anything like that she’s just a big ol nerd. Shes rambling about a video game and her option in the chicken and egg splatfest is technically the scientifically accurate one


Oh sure!

Ill delete my post after i type it out
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If this counts as communication outside the forum just tell them that we dont actually talk


I like marina too but I like pearl more she’s just a small angry midget

Also I’d have to go with marina on this one I have a lot of wizard fandoms and Magic is cool


Yeah they’re both cool. Pearl is like that and i like that

Yeah team wizards as well


Together they create the ultimate dream team

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Im playing salmon run but i played dktf for 10 hrs


I have kinda a lot because my brother and I share but my main games are splatoon, super smash bros and Mario kart


Yeah i play smash bros a lot and also minecraft bc minecraft girls


I have Minecraft on my iPad and phone but I want to get it on switch because I could play more and with others
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