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Thanks much!!


happy late birthday :DDD


Thank you!!


I do not simply communicate with other living beings


It is simply too complicated


My art has changed so much in a year


Amino gives me so much stress I don’t know why


Oof the drawing topic closed and I had so much art


Whoops sorry lol
Lots of people use their guts though
Agh stupid spellcheck I meant GTs
A few others and I were spammming it to get last post :sweat_smile:


Haha it’s ok lol sjjkjk


Rembember when I used to post and talk to people???
Nah Me either :ok_hand:t2:

Ignore that :point_up:
Uh so hi Minecraft girl gang I was just wondering if it was ok with you all to post my fan art of your designs on other platforms, and if you have any other way you could have me credit you (ie, amino)
I know it technically may be communicating outside the forum, but I want to post my spider girl fan art and others and would like a better (?) way to credit.
If not I can just use this to credit

(This isn’t a new post because I’d rather not make one for this specifically)

Minecraft Gal Group


Sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged


social interactions who

i have so much art to post but ehhhh

should i post them?
(talking to the -2 people who read this/ care lol)


i cant talk, without, spam??
like i cant say something without at least an “lol” and keysmashing with "skj"s


maybe someone will see my spam?

im supposed to be doing hw


I’ve literally only done like two out of the million or something minecraft girls but if need to, ur free to credit me :))


hey idk if u did one of my gal but if u do, then u can post it wherever u like uwu
credit wise I guess u could just say “not my design” or smth like that uwu


Yeah you can if you did ones I drew (I did the Persian, white, and Siamese mc cats) tho you don’t have to give credit, if you want to tho idk just put not my design or something. I would like to stay anonymous tho


i don’t mind at all! what amino would you post it on?


Im not sure tbh dude. My goal was to kinda keep my art more of secret until i feel ready to post it.


Probably art amino or Minecraft is I find a good one

(Sorry for late reply)