S.O.S Art...........retired


It's S.O.S Art! If you have noticed, I haven't been on in about a week or so. Hopscotch has been deleted from my iPad and I'm banned from hopscotch by my parents. I had to make a new Hopscotch Forum account but I won't be on it almost ever. Just wanted to say goodbye. Andrew, I really miss our chats! Please announce that I'm retired on your account to spread the message.

Thanks for the fun times,
S.O.S Art


Here's a like, I ran out :heart:


Hm ok.


Unfortunately no.....I'd actually be on if I could go to my original! My email was deleted....and so was every account I ever had....


Bye. It's too bad that you can't use the forums :confused:


you can always log into your first account c:


; — ;

Sorry to "hear" that...


I'm gonna cry. I looked to see if it was you and it was. In a few weeks I have annncoment


What?!?!?! Senpai!!!!!!!!! What are you parents thinking?!?!?!?!?!?! What?!?!!?!

I'm going to have to have an in depth conversation with you parents


Awwwwwwwww :pensive:
We'll all miss you!


Hi S.O.S art!

Now, sorry, but I can't be sure that your the real one. :0


Could you see if the IPs match?


Yup, they do match eachother


Sweet. Thx! ;D

Sorry for the suspicion @S.O.S_Art5 <:)


That emoticon though :open_mouth:


We will miss you! Here is a goodbye fox! :heartpulse::wolf::sob: