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this is a request. could u do a peacock trail art or pixel art pls.


Who, me or Sophia? (I think Sophia)


Either of u two. I haven’t seen u on hs before, friends?


You neither ;-;;
What’s your username?
Also here’s a link to my account


I’m Popkea. How do you link a game? I’ve actually seen you. You really inspired me for my own ice cream maker. Do you want to collaborate?
This is the game


To get a link, you tap on the gray box it’s an arrow going out of it (next to the like button), type in a year from 1900-2004, and some options will show up.
Hit the one that says Copy. Now you’ve copied the link and you can paste it somewhere.


Thanks so much,I will get to your request tomorrow or Sunday.


Hm, I’ve got a peacock somewhere that is like half emoji, half trail art, but I’ll try to make one sometime soon.


I’m so glad you were inspired! We can collaborate on something like this, another maker game maybe. You can choose the topic. I have a lot of coder’s block, so I need to code something to get my ideas pumping.


@Yusamac205, we should restart the Informers, but only on the app, not so much the forum. And be very choosy about who we let in.


Oh ok! Should we start on trail arts?


Yes! We definitely should.

btw, I forgot the password again and forgot to write it down. Could you edit it into an older post on a random topic so I can write it down this time.


I will later. I’m pretty sure I know it, but I’ll have to double check. Should we just start by making a project about who we are, etc.?


Nope. We should put who we are on every single project loading screen.

Btw, I have a super cool project planned to prove creation science.


So we need like a mission statement type thing? Concise and based on the Word and saying what we intend to do?

I just got more Jonathan Park CDs. I need to listen to them.


Exactly. A different one on each loading screen

Exactly what I think when I get Jonathan Park CDs. I’m begging my parents to join the Jonathan Park Club so I can listen to all of them.


I was thinking maybe like a main one that we use in some way on all of our projects.

Hey, I’ll go ahead and give you the password, but I’m doing it off the top of my head, so don’t flip out if it doesn’t work XD

@Xman0417, we got a NES Classic edition tonight.


You can pick the trail art, yes.
What account are we going to be doing this on?


@Yusamac205, do you watch the 700 club?


No, why would I?