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teenagers in general are definitely evil. but yea, my best “friend” completely turned on me and is being super mean, so yay.


@Mr.rex is dead again…:pensive:
Let us have another funeral to honor his second death…
He only has seven lives now.


I’m disappointed in you


Just wondering, did someone spam like me? I have my like notifications off but I just got a whole bunch of nice replies and stuff.


what are like notifictations?


The notifications you get when someone likes one of your posts.


smurf pal ur pfp is dead meme


No ur one is.


Your pfp has cheese in it!!! @MiNi


@bun.ira taking this here. I mean, I never find it super personal, but on this forum, asking if someone is a human is considered personal XD (jk but people can get…touchy). I’m adopted, but I was 6 months old so I don’t remember anything different. Irl, it’s hilarious when people finally figure out I am adopted.


You were?

Well I guess we’re both on the same boat here hehe

I was adopted when I was 6, before, I lived with my biological parents :upside_down_face:


I’m assuming you are living in America? And if so, were you born in America?

You see, I was born in South Korea and am living in America.

@MiNi jump in


I was born and still live in America :)) I used to live in Florida


That’s cool. I reckon it’s kinda a blessing and a not so much blessing (I don’t want to call it a curse) at the same time living with your biological parents until you were 6.

It’s odd, I don’t think I’ve seen you around here until now but you joined over 2 months ago.

Sorry, gtg. Hopefully I’ll ttyl


lol sorry.
yeah, i was adopted too, that’s about all i can say. now i gtg study for midterms, bye!


Have fun. I got out of school Thursday. We only had one midterm (Algebra 1). I made a 99.


ugh ur so smart

i got a 98 on my physical science test so that’s good

my weeks finally slowing down

i can’t wait until break starts


You’re smarter than me. You’re a year younger than I am and you’re taking the same math as me.

When does yours start? And you better show up on Christmas Eve and/or Day if at all possible or @grandma will come after you.


@sophia71205, @grandma, @KayKat, merry (early) christmas! probably won’t be on for a long time now, so just wanted to wish you merry christmas & a happy new year!

totally not doing this because @grandma told me to…


I seriously want to know who that is. But I’m afraid of getting spanked if I interrogate.

But merry Christmas, sisters. I love both of y’all and knowing the two of you (no matter how indirectly) is almost one of the best gifts ever.