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I tagged kayrofrens somewhere, and fearlessfriends somewhere.


In a lounged topic I assume?


How come? (This prob sounds kinda hhhh but I’m just being precautions, especially after the whole cv thing)

Wait, where was that?
I don’t think I saw it.

Lemme go check…


I tagged on ur gt for hid and sek.


Oh yeah. I saw that.

I thought you meant you tagged them somewhere else for something different.


nah. lel, people were probably angered by my tagging.


You’re fine.

It’s just CV. She’s been spamtagging FF since she joined or something.
Why she’s obsessed with my tag list, I really don’t know


happy she doesn’t do that to kayrofrens right?


She shoulda just spamtagged a tag list with 0 users or something


Like the @MathTagList?


You’re not the first one they’ve done that to.


OHH, the overwhelming, never ending, reckless, math homework.

@HorseLover347 @FATTCAT @codingCupcake123 @DECODECO @AwesomeNachos get it?


Relatable 100% yes


I get it. - _ -
And I don’t even have homework.
But last time we did math the cat wound up sitting on my head.


ack yes

the actual song is nice tho




It’s also a song (it doesn’t say math homework…but the rest of the lyrics are straight from a song).

@DECODECO, I’m assuming you’ve heard the song


Math homework has the right number of syllables, but it doesn’t seem to fit correctly. Oh well \ (••) /

How have you been? How’s the school situation? Have you listened to Casting Crowns’s new album?


Btw, I know I’ve said this before, but why do I feel like I’ve been here way longer than you? You joined less than 2 weeks after me XD which means both of our two year anniversaries are coming soon.

@Dolphin_coders, your two year anniversary is soon also.

@MiNi, your anniversary of getting regular is coming soon (Christmas)


better, but not so bad. well, my best friend turned on me and is all mad, and i’m still trying to figure out my confusing crush that i’ve grown really close to lol

i’m not really sure. i’ve been trying to give my thoughts to God whenever i stress about it, but i went to a football game at the high school i want to go to, and i think i might go there. not sure about next year tho.

no i don’t think so. i might of heard a few songs here and there but not yet.

how r u? how’s school?