SᎾᏢhᎥᎪ71205's ᎶᎬᏁᎬᏒᎪᏞ ᏆᎾᏢᎥᏟ (You're awesome! -DMF) (ScotchTape says u da best) (YOU ARE A GREAT HOPSCOTCHER SAYS HOPED HOPPER) (Sophia’s so amazing. seriously you’ll never meet anyone else like her. -photo) (Sophias so cool she could be an ice cube-Raven)



I’m sorry if I made you jealous I really regret it


Nah, I was just joking.

Gtg to bed. Gn. Sorry for disappearing.


Good night and it’s fine


Jealousy is your choice, the person who made you jealous can’t control whether you are jealous or not, you control it. In fact, sometimes it is good to be jealous, it just isnt good to covet.

You should be able to find two grammar mistakes easily. you might also find a third, but I doubt it >:)


i’ll look for the third later


There are way more than three. Also, the comma after sometimes is opinionated.


LOL, I was hoping you’d find those on your own. Great job, you passed with all the stars! We should make this a forum game, or maybe even a Hopscotch game.


Is he a Christian music singer
Maybe from Casting Crowns?


Post pending
Christian music singer
Nice looking
…umm Country music singer


I’m assuming these are pending posts coming through.


@DMF, you should code something to honor your geese.

@FATTCAT, how’d it go?


Sorry to interrupt but hi


It was hilarious his reaction and everything



@FATTCAT, I need details!!!


No you don’t




(If you’re still here)
(I mean, I could look but hhhhhhhhh I’m too lazzzyyyy)


Yes, at least give me a general overview of his reaction.


i’m sorry for Medvedeva.

but happy for Zagitova


image https://i.pinimg.com/originals/1b/f8/6b/1bf86b3a9711d75020523e06082ec8bf.jpg


@Kayro, did you tag me somewhere?