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Can you imagine me playing this game with PM and me posting that one?


I would say llama but it’s an alpaca


He would text me immediately


I Googled it and got that same picture


Correct. Wow, you got 4 out of 5. Let me go find you a prize.

More like he would flip out.


No he would flip out over a quick facetime
It’s not like he doesn’t know what they are


And here is your prize:

It’s a license plate for when you get a car.


I know. And I would say he would think I am weird, but I’m pretty sure he already thinks that.


No he would ask this: HOW IN THE WORLD DID SHE FIND THAT
Then he would start talking about something else
You aren’t weird




Low key love this


Sophia this may be personal but when did realize you liked pm


That’s a really good question. It kinda hit out of nowhere. I think it was a Sunday night that after getting off the forum where I had been having conversations on shipping and revealed my secret that I sometimes try to ship myself with different boys on the forum and I had listed off maybe three boys who I could halfway imagine myself with and one was piano and everyone said they could see that, I laid in bed that night and really realized that I had…feelings for him. For the next like week or two, everything from a wall to a Asia map could make me think of him and feel…fuzzy inside.


Awe that’s really cute
Wayyy better than what I expected


What were you expecting? You have to remember that I started liking him last November/December which was like shipping madness around the forum.


Well…I don’t know I guess
We should both tell 2 truths and a lie
Or get some more people and get to know people


Tbh PM and I talk about that a lot and I’m curious


Haha. And if you really want to know, I seriously did run into a wall once imagining I was hugging him.


I have accidentally randomly hugged him and he hug me back then I started crying :crying_cat_face:


Jealousy is a bad thing. God hates jealousy in fact. So don’t try to make me jealous.


I’m not it was really embarrassing and I couldn’t look at him for the rest of the week plus this happened way long ago