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High five on that. Especially with the new llama emoji.


I had an interesting day

Let’s just say he deserves this…


Well, what did he do that is causing me to try to make him mad?


Well actually I just want to embarrass him because he embarassed me…


Remember,you have to act like you’re the embarrassed one.

And don’t laugh XD


I will
Only because I’m furious


Hey, be sweet to my penguin in a green scarf.
That was the worst smooth pixel method ever.


Well…he shouldn’t have called me out like that


OMG I just found a blue green penguin in my room


Awe, cuddle with it for me.

You have been selected to be a contestant for guess the picture. Here’s how it works: I post a picture and you guess what it is. There will be 5 pictures. If you get at least 3 of 5 correct, you get a prize picture. Are you ready?




Picture number one:
Write down up to three guesses and if any of them are right, you’ll get it correct.


Infected cut
Gross ear wax
Tongue thing?? Like an Ulser


Hm, I’ll count the last one. It’s oral cancer. Next picture:

Three guesses again. @HorseLover347, hot!


1.Casting Crowns Singer
2.Christian Singer


Ugh, I would say “be more specific” especially since 1 falls into the catergory of 2, but oh well, you’re pretty much right. It’s Austin French who sings Freedom Hymn.

Two guesses. Make it halfway specific.


Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley or Won Won)
Influenced Rupert Grint


Yep. I also would’ve accepted won won.

That’s three, but we may as well do the last 2 just for fun.

2 guesses. Good luck. Don’t get stuck on the filter trying to answer this one.


That looks like a jellyfish without any tentacle things
1.a tumor
2. A ball of gelatin


Nope. Breast implants.

One guess. I’ll only accept one answer.