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Is there a girl at school that he absolutely can’t stand?


That same girl is 2 years younger and has a gaint crush on him


I ha.te her too


That gives me the perfect idea.

Quick question: if you asked him to sketch something for you right quick, would he?


Of course


Wait, I’ve got another idea, but if this doesn’t work, I’ll go back to developing plan A. Is there any way for you to get in his iPad and change your name to hers?


No I don’t think so


Okay, back to plan A.




You’re still typing
This must be good


So, on a blank sheet of notebook paper, in some sort of handwriting that doesn’t look like your own write:
Ugh!!! (Your name) what you told me over FT last night about (Piano’s name [heh, I would say it, but he would be furious]) and that Sofia girl last night made me furious!! Like I can’t believe that he would be so gaga over some weird girl online. It should be (annoying girl’s name) and (Piano’s name) and not him and Sofia or whatever her name was! Ugh. (draw a mad face, but don’t make it look like it is your art style)

Then, ask him sometime if he could attempt to sketch a llama. Then do the following:
Say-“Here, I have some spare paper you can do it on”
Then act like you just pull out a random piece of paper and hand him the sheet of paper that is a fake note from annoying girl…face up.

Then just roll with it. Act embarrassed. Make some infuriating but believable story. Act embarrassed.


Not really if you want to boycott it, I can find a plan C


You are brilliant and I want you to know that


Of course, modify the note as needed to make it sound like it was really her.


She’s in 6th grade I got this!


Thank you. And you’ll have to let me know how it happens. And make sure to spell my name with an f in the note…it makes it look a lot like it wasn’t you.


Man this is going to be fun

BTW how was today


And don’t act awkward in asking him to draw it, etc. Don’t act like anything is planned or like you’re expecting something to happen.

Just act embarrassed once he sees it.


I ask him to draw me llamas all the time actually…


I’m trying not to laugh rn.

What on earth did he do to you?

Today was good.

How are you?